Review: Oma Sense Baby Movement Monitor

I don’t know about you mamas, but I’m the biggest worrier when it comes to my baby Luna. Every since we brought her home from the hospital on September 21st, I’ve been helicoptering around her day and night making sure she’s safe and happy. Am I overreacting? Am I being too dramatic? I personally don’t think so. I think this is completely normal behavior especially because Luna is my first baby.

But as Luna is slowly getting older, I’m happy to say that my anxiety is slowly getting better. It’s getting better because I believe I’ve unlocked the secret to understanding her little noises and cries, especially the ones she makes when sleeping at night. But don’t get me wrong, Luna still consumes my every thought, I just no longer jump at every single sound she makes. What’s more worrisome to me actually is when she doesn’t make sounds at all. I don’t know about you, but not hearing her at night wakes me up. How ironic is that? Anyway, I always end up waking up several times during the night to check if she’s breathing - just in case!

So being the mom I am, I was really glad to partner with Levana and their Oma Sense Movement Monitor. In short, the Oma Sense Movement Monitor is a device that monitors your baby’s breathing movement. You just clip it on your baby’s pants, pajamas or diaper and voilà.

How does it work?

It’s actually quite simple. If the monitor doesn't detect breathing movement for 15 seconds, it'll attempt to wake your baby with vibrations and sound. And if regular movement hasn't been re-established after 5 seconds, an emergency alarm (a high pitched one) will notify you.

Why do I like it?

It’s a very small device and doesn’t interfere with your baby’s sleep. It’s also a Canadian product and if you follow me on Instagram you know I’m all about promoting Canadian businesses. But the main reason why I like it is because it gives me a peace of mind and helps me sleep better at night.

So if you’re expecting and looking to put items on your baby’s registry or if you’re searching for a great baby shower gift, then the Levana Oma Sense Movement monitor is what you need.