My Top 5 Happiness Quick-Fixes

My Top 5 Happiness Quick-Fixes

Do you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Do you ever feel that you won't be able to get through the day? Well, you're not alone. Everyday millions of people get up and feel depressed or upset for one reason or another. I, in fact, am one of them. What distinguishes me from the others, however, is that I know exactly what to do when I'm feeling down. I know the tips and tricks that can help you cheer up.


The important thing here is to remember that kicking your bad mood's ass will require mental fighting. Your brain will do everything in its power to persuade you that you're sad. It will make you feel like you have no energy and it will force you to stay in bed. You gotta fight that with everything you have. You gotta stand from the bed and tell yourself out loud how much you deserve to be happy. You also gotta keep my Top-Happiness-Quick-Fixes list in your night stand drawer and reach out for it as soon as you're having a feeling of melancholy.

1) Go for a quick walk/run

Ok, so you may not be a walker or a runner, but you gotta do this for yourself. All you need is 15 minutes. Remember, physical activity relieves anxiety, depression and anger.

2) Take a hot shower

Use your favorite shower gel and body lotion. Trust me, the feeling of being clean and fresh is purely amazing.

3) Put on a killer outfit

Every woman has a lucky outfit in her closet. A lucky outfit is the one that makes you feel confident and powerful, that makes you feel like a Wonder Woman.

4) Wear dramatic lipstick

Wearing lipstick is a major confidence booster. Don't question it!

5) Buy yourself coffee

You've been drinking your coffee at home for what seems to be forever because you don't like to waste your money. I get it. But today is a different day. Today, it's all about you and your happiness. So go to your favorite coffee shop and buy yourself that $5 latté that you love so much.