Why Self-Love is Everything

My days as a little girl will forever be ingrained in my heart. And whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, it’s really up to me to decide.


Growing up, I was surrounded by wonderful role models – my parents, grandparents, and teachers – who taught me lots of different things. They taught me how to be loving, caring, grateful, humble, and most of all they taught me how to be selfless. While I’m extremely appreciative for having been given the tools to acquire these wonderful character traits, I still wish I would’ve been given more. Now I’m not talking about materialistic things.

Sometimes I travel back in time. I’m 10 years old again and all I’m being told is to love my family and friends, and to give and never count the cost. Then I wake up in the present and I suddenly realize I don’t really know who I am. Not literally, just figuratively.

I’ve been paying so much attention to the people around me that I’ve forgotten about myself. I’ve loved everyone so unconditionally that I’ve forgotten to love myself. In fact, the true myself has never really existed. The true myself has never meant to be important.

I’ve spent most of my life disliking everything about me – my body, my hair, my moles, my personality. Why? Because no one has ever taught me self-love. And who do I blame for that? Do I blame my role models? No. I don’t. I don’t blame them because it’s not their fault. It’s not their fault because they themselves were never taught self-love.

Today, I know better. I know that acknowledging the importance of myself has nothing to do with selfishness. I know that loving myself has nothing to do with arrogance. Today, putting myself first is no longer an option. It’s a priority.

Let’s continue to teach children to love their family and friends. But let’s also start to teach them the importance of loving themselves so that they can grow up happy, confident, and comfortable in their skin.

Self-love is everything. Preach it.


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