5 Ways to Find Your Life Purpose

5 Ways to Find Your Life Purpose

You've done everything you were "supposed" to do. You went to college. You got yourself a Bachelor's degree. You might even have gotten a Master's degree just to rank high in society. Now you're either looking for a full-time job or you already have one. We do all these things without even putting too much thought into it. We do them because we for some reason know that that's how life should be lived. But deep down many of us are lost and wandering in life. 

We often look at people around us and feel jealous of what they have. We see people in their 20s running their own businesses while we're approaching 30 and wondering what the hell are we doing. But this stops today! Together, we're going to figure out what our purpose is. Together, we're going to figure out what we want to do with our life. 

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So here are the 5 ways to find your purpose:

1. First, you're going to have to make yourself a fresh cup of coffee and grab your favorite snack. You need fuel before you start mapping your life path. It's the most important step. Ok, maybe not the most important, but it's kinda important. 

2. Write down what you're good at. And don't tell me you're not good at anything because everyone is good at something. EVERYONE. This is crucial because when people are good at something they tend to want to do more of it.

3. Ask yourself this question: if money wasn't an issue, how would you be spending your days? What would you do from the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed? Now, you gotta dig deep. Don't you dare tell me getting manis/pedis and shopping is your answer!

4. Start saying YES! You need to stop being a lazy couch potato and start exploring what the world has to offer. Join a fitness class or attend a networking event; you'd be surprised how much you can learn outside of your apartment. 

5. Run with your heart instead of your mind. In other words, stop worrying for a second. Stop overanalyzing everything. You don't have to have all your life figured out. I know you feel like you have to, but I'm telling you you don't. You don't need to know whether you'll be successful years from now. You don't need to know how you'll be making money years from now. As long as you work hard, things will always work out in the end.