Skincare: What I Learned from My Esthetician

Skincare: What I Learned from My Esthetician

I didn't start caring about the appearance of my skin until I graduated from my Master's and found a job. As a student, I was broke as a joke. I didn't have $70 to spend on facials and I certainly didn't have hundreds of dollars to spend on fancy products. All I could afford was a $5 cleanser at my local grocery store and my own popping-zits fingers. So clearly my skin wasn't very happy with me. But fast-forward to today and I can honestly say I've changed. I get regular facials. I use better products (notice I didn't say expensive?). And I no longer pick at my skin (ok, this actually might be a lie). 

At 29 years old my skin has never looked so good - and that's all thanks to my esthetician Rafi. She not only does a great job at extracting the hell out of me, but she also gives me the best skin care advice. Now you've probably been told (by all kinds of ads) that in order to achieve a celebrity-like skin, you should stock up on all the Chanel products available on the market. I'm here to tell you not to listen. Achieving beautiful healthy skin actually doesn't require that much. 

Here's what you need:


You need to get facials. NEED. All the blackheads and whiteheads that you have aren't gonna magically disappear. They need to be extracted. They need to be extracted by an esthetician, not by your fingers. 

How often do you need to get a facial? It depends on your skin. I get one every two/three months. The best advice I can give you is to find yourself a good professional esthetician and have her guide you. 


A cleanser plays an important part in your skin routine as it's responsible for removing all the impurities - make up, dead skin cells, oil and bacteria. Now you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on your cleanser. Just make sure it's suitable for your skin type. I personally prefer a cleansing gel as opposed to a cream or foam because it's more gentle on my skin. If you're looking for some great cleansing gels, here are some options:

  • Yves Rocher Deep Cleansing Gel
  • Yonka Face Cleansing Gel


Moisturizers are another vital part of your skin care as they keep your skin hydrated and more elastic. Thus, make sure you don't take this part lightly. Once again, make sure you don't forget that more expensive doesn't necessarily equate better. So what kind of moisturizer should you be using? One that fits your skin type. It's that simple. If you're looking for great moisturizers, here are some options:

  • Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
  • Yonka Moisturizing Creme


The last item you're going to need is a face mask. And if you think you can skip this step then boy you're wrong, so wrong. Doing a mask once a week needs to be an essential part of your skin routine. Why? Because it not only helps removing excess oils and dirt, but it also improves the appearance of your pores. I mean who wants huge pores? No one! If you're looking for a great face mask, here's an option:

  • Yonka Facial Mask

All the products mentioned in this post are ones that I personally use. They've been suggested by my esthetician and I can confirm that they work wonders. 

*Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something I've recommended. Please do know I only recommend products I truly believe in.