How to Relax and Rest | Spa William Grey

How to Relax and Rest | Spa William Grey

As someone who juggles a full-time job with a busy blogging/Instagram career and workout schedule, I know first hand the feeling of being stressed and burned out. And that's why I make relaxing and resting a priority at least once a week. It's extremely important to me to find the time to relax my mind, otherwise I'd go crazy. Literally. And it's even more important to rest my body after torturing it at the gym on an almost daily basis. To all the fit people out there -- rest is crucial as it allows your muscles to recover and grow. And that's what we want, right? Right.

There are many ways you can relax and rest. No one way is better than the other. It's all about preference.

1. Go read a book at your favorite coffee shop to avoid any distractions

When I say read a book, I don't just mean any book. It has to be something that you've been wanting to read for quite a while now or something that will inspire you and teach you something new. I personally love inspirational self-help books because they give me confidence and that extra push I need to realize my dreams. If you're like me and you like/want to work on self-improvement, I suggest you read You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero. 

2. Go pamper yourself at your local spa

I don't know about you but there's nothing that de-stresses me more than the spa. The spa is probably the only place where I can completely unwind and focus on having me time. So last week, my husband and I decided to pay a visit to the new luxurious spa at the Montreal William Gray Hotel. I truly love this spa because it has a wide range of refined services, 10 treatment rooms, a thermal circuit, and relaxation spaces. My favorite part is definitely the thermal circuit. It includes a Finnish sauna, a steam room, experiential showers, a cold room, an herbal sauna, a Himalayan salt room, and an outdoor pool. Talk about an awesome experience! So if you're from Montreal or plan on visiting, you need to stop by the William Gray Spa!

3. Go hiking in nature

There's something therapeutic about walking in nature. So many trees and plants, so many animals and insects -- it always soothes my mind and calm my thoughts somehow. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that hiking in a natural environment improves mental health. In other words, it makes you happy and less stressed. Not convinced? Then simply google 'Benefits of walking in nature' and you'll find tons and tons of articles that prove my point.

4. Go do some yoga

Why? Because yoga is a mind-body practice proven to relax your mind and body and alleviate stress. 

5. Go play less physical sports or board games with friends

You can do soooo many things. From golfing to bowling to playing frisbee to playing monopoly - the list is endless. 

And one last tip... TURN OFF ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES. And yes, that includes your smartphone. I know your entire life is in your phone (I mean, whose life isn't?) but trust me when I say nothing will happen to you if you hit the switch off button for a couple of hours. In fact, it's necessary that you do so if you're really serious about this relaxing thing. 

What is your favorite way to rest and relax?