How to Avoid Washing Your Hair After Every Workout

How to Avoid Washing Your Hair After Every Workout

How do you take care of your hair when you work out almost daily? This is a question I get asked quite a lot, and frankly I'm not even surprised. Most women don't know the basic dos and don'ts of a successful haircare regime. And when post-workout haircare is added to the mix, they become even more lost. That's why I decided to put together a list of tips on what to do and what not to do with your hair when you're a break-that-daily-sweat kind of gal (like I am). It's actually really simple:

1. Don't wash your hair everyday

No matter how greasy your hair gets, you should never ever wash it everyday. Why? There are many reasons, but three at the top of the list are: it strips your hair of its natural oils, causes more split ends, and dries out the scalp. So don't do it. Just don't.

2. Wear your hair in a bun

This is kind of a no-brainer, but you should always wear your hair in a bun when you work out. If you wear your hair down over your neck, you'll drench it in sweat, and trust me you don't want that. Sweat is actually quite damaging for your hair. It'll not only dry out your scalp and prevent new hair growth, but it'll also lead to color loss. 

3. Wear a headband

You might think that wearing a headband when your hair is already in a bun is complete non sense, but it's actually not. Rocking a headband, especially a cotton one, is very beneficial as it'll absorb the sweat around your hairline. 

4. Use dry shampoo

If dry shampoo isn't part of your hair routine then I don't know what you're doing. Dry shampoo is a miracle and it should be your best friend. So what exactly is dry shampoo? It's a powder that will absorb the excess grease from your hair and give you an instant pick-me-up. There are many dry-shampoo brands on the market, but my favorite one would have to be the Garnier Fructis one. I love it because it smells heavenly and contains zero silicone. Just a quick note -- you should ditch all your silicone hair products as they are damaging to your hair. With time, they will cause your hair to weaken and break. 



5. Rinse your hair with water

If all comes to worst, you can always wash your hair with water only. Wash your hair as you normally would, just omit the shampoo and conditioner. And then blow dry. 

Do you have any other tips? If so, leave a comment below.