How I Knew I was Pregnant Before Taking a Test

How I Knew I was Pregnant Before Taking a Test

Us, women, we're funny creatures. We see things. We feel things. We sense things. It's like we're superheroes. Well, actually, we're superheroes! Why do I say that? It's because most of us know we're pregnant even before our pregnancy test confirms it. Talk about intuition! Insane, I know!

So what's my story?

Right after New Year's Eve, I started feeling different, not bad, just different. I'm usually super in tune with my body, so I know immediately as soon as something feels even slightly off. I suddenly started experiencing thirst, which was quite unusual as I'm someone who drinks lots of water on a daily basis. The thirst was often so strong that it would wake me up in the middle of the night. I further started experiencing shortness of breath, which again was kind of strange as I'm a very active individual. To top that, I started having wild dreams. I dreamt I was swimming with a killer whale in a swimming pool. I also dreamt I was abducted by a Mafia gang. You're probably laughing, but those dreams were so vivid they scared the hell out of me. And the last thing that really confirmed my pregnancy, at least in my head, was something a man at my local gym said to me. One day we were just chatting and he randomly asked me if I was a mom. I told him no and asked why he thought that. Do you know what he said? He told me I had maternal eyes. 

So after feeling pregnant for a couple of days, I decided to buy a pregnancy test. (By the way, I was keeping all this as a secret. No one knew.) I bought the First Response one as it's apparently one of the most accurate pregnancy tests on the market. It detects pregnancy six days before your missed period. So the result? Confusing, absolutely confusing! As you can see, the second line was extremely faint which left me in complete distress.


So I ran to the closest pharmacy and got another test - the Clearblue one. That one, however, came out completely negative. When I saw that there was no second line, I immediately started crying. I was so heartbroken. But I couldn't stop thinking about the first test and about that faint line. After an entire week of waiting - and feeling pregnant - I decided to retake a third test. This time? The answer was very clear. See the picture below :)


I confirmed my pregnancy on Sunday, January 21st. But I kept it as a secret for another week. You see, my husband's birthday is on January 27th, so I figured I'd wait until then to tell him the good news. Keeping my pregnancy from my baby's father was probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my entire life. But I managed, even though I don't know how. So on the day of this birthday, I treated him with a cake. But not just any cake -- the cake had "Happy Birthday Daddy" written on it. 

How did you tell your partner?