6 Travel Tips For Flying While Pregnant

6 Travel Tips For Flying While Pregnant

I recently just got back to Montreal from my beautiful hometown Trencin (located in Slovakia for those of you wondering.) And what does that mean? It means I flew pregnant. It means I flew pregnant twice. Soooo that makes me a flying pregnant woman expert, right? I thought so. But all jokes aside, this trip was a big learning experience and I thought I could share some tips for all the future flying preggo ladies. And as always, if there's anything you think my list is missing, please feel free to leave it in the comments.

1. Book an aisle seat

Pregnant or not, aisle seats are the best. For one, there's more room for you to stretch your legs. For another, you can stand up and go pee anytime you want without having to bother the person sitting with you. I don't know about you, but since becoming pregnant, I've been peeing non-stop. I literally pee every half an hour. So can you imagine me sitting in a window seat on a plane? 

2. Bring snacks

Flying overseas can be long, super long, which can leave you hungry - or shall I say hangry? That's why you need snacks, lots of snacks. Yes, the stewardess on the plane will offer you a pack of pretzels and yes she'll also offer you a meal, but let's just be honest here that just won't cut it. First of all, that bag of pretzel has like four pretzels in there, and second of all, that meal isn't exactly the most delicious. So do yourself a favor a get yourself a bag of food.

3. Bring an empty water bottle

During pregnancy and during a flight, it's extremely important that you keep yourself just a little extra hydrated. I know that water is served on the plane, but it's only served in small glasses, which makes it a little harder to keep your hydration in check. That's why it's great to have a bottle of water on you. You can fill that bottle before you board the plane and when you finish it, you can ask the stewardess to fill it up for you. Just make sure your water bottle is empty when you go through security. 

4. Ask for priority boarding

Even if you're fine standing and waiting, you should definitely take advantage of this perk. Simply inform a gate agent that you're pregnant and ask if it's possibly to get priority boarding. Although they don't have to grant it to you (because it's not an actual rule), most of the time they're very compassionate. 

5. Walk and stretch every couple of hours

This one goes hand in hand with number 1. Make sure you book yourself an aisle seat, so that you can regularly stand up and stretch and walk. This tip is extremely important to prevent DVT, which stands for deep vein thrombosis. To put it simply, DVT is a condition where you develop blood cloths in your legs. 

6. Have a brown bag handy

Because pregnancy is often full of surprises, you never know when nausea will creep in. It's therefore a good idea to have a brown bag handy. Trust me on this one.