My 5 Biggest Baby Worries

I'm only halfway through my pregnancy and I already have so many worries and fears when it comes to my baby. What's funny is that I'm not worrying so much about the baby now. I know - and I feel - she's fine. What I worry about is what's going to happen once my little angel is born. 

The list of my worries is actually endless, but in this blogpost I'm just going to share the 5 biggest ones because who has time to read long-ass posts. Am I right?

1. I'll drop my baby

This is really scary and I don't know why I keep thinking about this, but I do. Sometimes I'm just walking down the street and suddenly I have this image in my head of me dropping my baby. It's like my brain is playing tricks on me.

2. My baby is going to choke

When my nephew was just a couple of months old, he started choking on a small piece of apple. I remember this so vividly. I was so scared. Luckily, my sister was there - his mom - and took control. But what if I won't know how to take control? This scares the shit out of me. 

3. I won't hear my baby

This one probably sounds ridiculous, but it's definitely something I fear. What if my baby starts crying and I won't hear her because I'll be washing the dishes for instance? Can this happen? Is this a legitimate fear? Can anyone else relate?  

4. I'll fall asleep holding my baby

Taking care of a newborn is difficult and exhausting. I might not know that first hand, but I've seen my sister and best friends with their babies. So what if I fall asleep while she is sleeping on me? And then what if she falls? 

5. I'll starve my baby

If a mom is reading this blog post, I have a strong feeling she's laughing. I honestly can't tell if all these fears make any sense or if they're just ridiculous. But another worry of mine is that I won't know if my baby is satiated. What if I don't have enough milk to feed her? What if she's not super vocal when hungry? 

To all the mommas-to-be out there, can you relate with my fears and worries? And to all the mommas out there, can you share your personal experience? Do you have anything to say that will calm me all the future moms reading this?