Do I Plan on Breastfeeding? (feat. speCtra)

It's none of your business. And this is the end of this blog post.

Haha, just kidding! 

I personally am not very sensitive when it comes to people asking me personal questions. I'm very open and comfortable with my choices and I absolutely don't fear judgment. If people want to judge me, they are more than welcome to but it won't affect me in any way. 

Now, going back to the question if I plan on breastfeeding. The answer is "yes." Breastfeeding has way too many benefits for the baby as well as for the mom, so to me this has always been a no-brainer. I know every woman is different and every woman has different beliefs and values - which I completely respect and support - I just personally can't wait to start nursing my baby and experience that beautiful and intimate moment. Also, it's proven that breastfeeding can significantly lower the risk of postpartum depression. And as someone who battled a mental illness in the past (I suffered from bulimia and anxiety), I definitely feel I need to take every precaution possible to avoid this disorder. Does that make sense?

So I'm saying yes to breastfeeding, but I'm also saying yes to occasional pumping and bottle feeding. I'm not an expert in any way, but I feel like pumping can be a life saver. I mean what if you get engorged? Or what if you need a break and need to leave the baby with daddy for just a couple of hours? These are all scenarios that you'll potentially face, so why not have a breast pump handy just in case? 

I recently received the S2Plus electric breast pump from speCtra and I'm super psyched about it. I haven't tried it yet since I'm still pregnant, but I've read great things. What I like about it so far is that it's very light - it weighs only 2.5lbs - and that it includes a multi-volt power adaptor for use in any country. I'm planning on spending part of my maternity leave in my home country of Slovakia so having that adaptor is crucial. 

breast pump.png

I'm curious to know, what is your take on pumping and bottle feeding? Do you find that a breast pump is a must when you're breastfeeding?